Don’t bother yourself on searching a great place to reward your employees. Here IN10SO presents you variety of packages designed to increase leadership skills, cooperation and teamwork in a fun and challenging way!


Corporate packages

1 – Teambuilding Package :

! It’s all what you need

Our programs of corporate team building activities are the ice breakers for your staff with combination of fun interaction unique activities of IN10SO to help break the team barriers at work and increase their problem-solving skills and strengthen the cohesiveness of your group while providing key insights and applicable skill sets.


2 – Stress-release Package :

You deserve to be back to business free and fresh minded!

IN10SO offers you the perfect place to have a fun day with your employees presenting this package that let you get involve in a better way with your employees and release all there stress and tension.


3 – Press Conference Package :

This program provides total hospitality solution for your product launch or seminar event. IN10SO role lies in organizing and managing your event and making it a real extraordinary for your guests.

 In co-operation with partners, IN10SO can also offer an extended public relation services for your event from journalists’ invitations, brand communication to post event media coverage.


4 – Outdoor Events Package:

In cooperation with our partners, In10so can handle all the needed outdoor preparation. Full stage setups, lighting, map projection, audio & video system and printing branding material necessary for the event.